All You Need to Know About The Trending Men’s Perm Style

All You Need to Know About The Trending Men’s Perm Style

Men’s hairstyles have undergone a remarkable transformation over time; dos initially associated with women in the past have evolved into men’s fashion also; one such style is men’s perm style. Perm is used as a short form of permanent waves, which means that this treatment gives your straight hair the wave and curls you are looking for.

Men’s perm style involves a chemical treatment that changes the typical texture of the hair. If you have straight hair, this chemical process changes your hair texture to curly ones, while for curly hair, it does wonders by modifying them into different textures like wavy, tight curls or even straight.

Perms work for most hair types and are gaining immense recognition, but this treatment becomes harsh for extraordinarily dense and coarse hair as the curls are tightly coiled in thick hair. Perms are safe for all hair, but this hairstyle is certainly not recommended for people who have sensitive skin as it involves the direct application of chemicals onto your scalp.

Why Choose Perm Style?

Modern men’s perm style is trending incredibly, all thanks to Korean pop stars and TikTokers. Unlike traditional perms of the eighties that required excessive use of hair products like gels and hair spray for maintenance, these modern perms for men are subtle, soft and very natural-looking. These are why every man nowadays looks forward to getting his hands on this style. The unique feature of this style is its versatility; you can try perms in several ways. You can comb over your perms, wear them with bangs, try them with faded sides, and the list goes on.

Men’s perm style is unique, creative and highly fashionable, but how to style a perm is essential to attain the finest look. Men who want to get perms should consider their hair texture before trying their hands on this hairstyle. Men with naturally curly hair can quickly get the perm as they have that required texture, while guys with wavy and straight hair need to go through a thermal or chemical treatment to try different types of men’s perm styles.

Various Types of Men’s Perm Style
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Here are a few famous types of perms for guys that you can try this summer to attain a chic and fashionable look.

1.     Digital Perm

The digit perm hairstyle is best for those men who want to add waves and colour to their style. This type of perm is achieved by using a hot perm treatment that involves hot rods to curl hair. Digital perm gives you a natural-looking curl, making your head fuller and thicker. To get the best results for this hairstyle, try these curls with trimmed sides and back, making this digital perm a head-turner.

2.     Spiral Perm Style

If you want a defined perm that lasts longer, try your hands on a spiral perm. This type of perm hairstyle is attained by using ceramic curlers. Ceramic curlers are known for heating hair to higher temperatures, which makes this style long-lasting. Spiral perm differs from digital as it requires longer hair strands to heat in high temperatures. This process makes the hair look heavier and voluminous than a digital perm.

3.     Body-wave Perm

Body-waver perm hairstyle is for those who like some messiness and amazing curls over their head. This perm hairstyle is chaotic, giving your hair the messy hair you are looking for. Body waves are achieved by applying a liquid perm solution to the hair by setting them in loose to tight curls. This type of perms is ideal for men with short hair as it can give them amazingly unique messy hair with cascading waves even without cutting their length.

4.     Classic Perm Hairstyle

Classic perm hairstyle is a traditional and the most common style of the ancient days. This type of perm is known for its effortless styling and involvement of cool techniques. This perm style was primarily used when the heat perming technique needed to be introduced. In this type of perms, chemicals are applied to the hair by rolling them on the curlers. This perm style helps you get effortlessly luxurious and bouncy curls without doing much damage to your locks.

5.     Root Perm Hairstyle

Just like its name, root perm style is a styling technique that deals with your new and fresh growth. This perm is used to style the root and some initial inches of hair above the scalp. This perm styling is a low-maintenance technique that can be done using ceramic or cold processes.

6.     Stack Perm Hairstyle

Stack Perm is a modified version of root perms that gives you the most chic silhouette. In this style, the hair strands at the top are left untouched, while the curls are added to the bottom and middle parts of the hair. This style makes its wearer look extraordinarily trendy and dapper appearance.

7.     Wear it Wild Perms

This adventurous-looking hairstyle is for guys who love adventure and want to experiment with new looks. This type of perm is for guys that like to keep medium-length hair; this perm would make the hair tightly coiled and tousled. This perm style goes well with a beard, as both types complement each other well.

8.     Multi-textured Perms

A few people always want up their fashion game by trying unique and newest styles. This multi-textured perm is for those people that give unique curl patterns to their hair. Multi-textured perms have some astonishing effects and are ideal for those with long and medium-length hair. These perms last for six months if you take care of them properly.

9.     Frosted Tips Perm Style

Frosted tips are one of the most popular trends of the nineties; this frosty fantasy is something every curly guy deserves in this hot summer. Give your locks a summery pop of hues by dying the tips of your curls. You can wear this look in several ways by styling your hair in half-updos and by leaving your hair in a loose perm.

How to Style Permed Hair?
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This trending men’s perm style is relatively easy to get; it only involves eight simple steps to attain this chic look at home without spending a hefty amount at salons. Here is the step-by-step guide for getting this style at home:

  • Before starting the styling process, you must wash your hair correctly. Cleaning your mane will help you get a fresh and neat look.
  • To start the perming at home, you would need the perm kit that has rods to do the job. And then, wrap a small section of your hair around these rods with a piece of paper inside your hair so that your hair ends remain smooth throughout the process.
  • Once you have wrapped the hair on the rods, apply the permanent solution with the perm kit onto your hair. This solution does the magic of restructuring your structure and creating curls.
  • After applying the solution, cover your head with a shower cap so your curls can settle down. The hair usually takes 20 to 25 minutes to get curly, but it may vary depending on your hair texture.
  • After leaving the solution for 25 minutes now, it’s time to rinse it off. Washing usually takes five minutes; ensure you have removed all the solution. Now, remove all the excess water from your hair by using a towel so that you can follow the next step.
  • After removing all the solution, now is the time to apply the neutralizer; the neutralizer is used to lock and maintain the curls so that they last longer. After leaving the neutralizer for some time, for around five minutes, you would need to rewash your hair.
  • Now is the time to remove the curling rods; start scrunching your hair with the remaining neutralizer for a few minutes, then rinse it off for the last time. You would have to wash your hair thrice while doing the perming process.
  • Lastly, it would help if you aired dry your hair to flaunt the perfect perms you have achieved at home.

Perms have evolved as a unique hairstyle for men; there are many types of perms that you can try to transform your silhouette completely. However, if you already have damaged hair, we suggest you not try perms treatment as it can worsen your hair game. Also, this style requires a lot of care and maintenance; hence always use unique hair products after getting perms treatment to make your healthy and thick. Taking care of your perm style is vital if you want it to last longer. Once you have your new curls, you must consider investing in quality hair products for maintenance. We also recommend getting your styling done by a professional hair stylist because if anything goes wrong with Perms, the results can damage your mane’s health.